Joyeux Vendredi!

A rare weekend off, sponsored by Le Hop Chope.


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Chez Nous Les Libanais, Toulouse.

Toulouse is a young, vibrant and, more importantly, multiculural city. Walk down any street and you can feel the Occitane / Spanish / North African vibes. As such their Lebanese food scene is strong. I stumbled across Chez Nous Les Libanais, on Rue Jean Suau, due to it’s proximity to my flat. The insides are pretty pokey and you will have to wait a small while (especially during the rush, which is most of the day) however it is completely worth it. They are purveyors of outrageously good Medditerranean food. Fresh herbs and spices galore; you won’t leave hungry.


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La Vie Quotidienne Pt Deux.

notre dameschwarma pouletsalsarocketegliseGaronnetopsbridgemoi

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Less Is More.


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Toulouse Beer Social.

Le Hop Chope keeping me stocked with a great variety of interesting beers. The Dieu Du Ciel Disco Solei kumquat IPA is something that works great. A complete forward-thinking gem of a place. Merci Rémi!

Kumquat IPAIPAstout / IPA

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La Vie Quotidienne.

Starting to feel very much at home.

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Le Hop Chope, Toulouse.

My curiosity was instantly piqued when I walked past the Hop Chope, situated two streets over from mine. With tomorrow being my first proper day I made a point of nipping in straight from work. Great vibes for somewhere that has only been opened 5 months. The owner was a super sound guy, and after explaining to him that I enjoy the extremes of hoppiness to stoutiness (“torréfier” in French, in case you were wondering), I was happy to let him choose for me. By all accounts I am the proprietor of one of the last two Mikkeller / To Øl Underall Galaxy’s in Toulouse. I’ve found my grog shop.

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