Southsea Coffee Co Deli Sandwich.

Heavy hitter.

deli sandwich

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Tokyo Snack Time.

Thank you Misako! It was great seeing you again.


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DangerDogs, Southsea.

Hot on the heels of another up and coming Southsea mobile food business is DangerDogs. Large bacon wrapped franks with onions, peppers, cheese in a brioche bun. Like Rub A Tub Grub they guys are still getting up and running, but watch out for them soon. I had the pleasure of tasting not one but two of these bad boys; they should do pretty well on the festival circuit.

Give them a follow here.


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The West Dean Chilli Fiesta 2015.

Always a pleasant culinary fixture in the year, the West Dean Chilli Fiesta needs to be done at least once if you live in Portsmouth. Chilli sauce, food, music and stunning scenery galore. However this year I couldn’t help but notice that there were less chilli orientated food stands and more retail stands. Many of them having pretty tenuous links to chillis (did I see handbags?). When you see more burritos and burgers rather than jerk chicken and curry alarm bells start to ring. Not sure of herding all the food stands around the music stage is great idea either, it makes the queues pretty interminable. And the ticket prices are becoming a bit much guys, £14 to get in on Saturday? I wouldn’t mind if there were a greater selection of food but unfortunately it seems to be going the other way. Still, must stop being a negative norman, the chilli fiesta is still well worth checking out, if for the gardens alone.

Great to see the boys of Staggeringly Good there too!

lobsteroystersoystersstaggeringly goodjerk chickenH

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Rub A Tub BBQ.

Good grief! Did we actually have a sunny weekend in August? Holy smokes. Off to St Vincent Road for a 30th BBQ from the people who will soon be bringing you Rub A Tub Grub, a hot new truck based food venture in Southsea. And if their sauces and rubs are anything to go by it’s going to be a banger. Top afternoon full of dark n stormies, pin the ache, apple bobbing, fake tattoos and smoked grub. Well done guys, looking forward to the new venture.

rub a tub grubpin the tachepimmsbobbing applestattootattoosdawgdark n stormyHchicken

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Mobile Sriracha.

A completely awesome trinket from mother. Keep your Sriracha sauce handy at all times.

Sriracha keyring

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Familia Para Siempre.

Nothing quite like extending a birthday with a family BBQ. More babies and asiatic marinated pork belly rather than pubs and clubs these days. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

pork bellysuacesmarinatingLydiacucumbersLeomeatsH

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