Spicy Thai Beef Salad.

leftover beef
1 bag sweet crunchy salad
cherry tomatoes
half cucumber
1 red onion
3 spring onions
handful fresh basil leaves
handful fresh coriander

For the dressing
brown sugar to taste
2 limes, juice only
fish sauce
2 red bird’s-eye chillies
lime wedges, to serve

Ok so this is painfully easy, mainly due to going for one of those weird “sweet crunchy salad” bags that contain carrots, red cabbage and other (which I normally avoid like he plague but in this instance is pretty much nails the brief). Get your leftover Sunday beef and slice relatively finely. Empty the contents of the salad bag into a large mixing bowl, add your sliced beef and sliced veg. For the dressing add all ingredients into a small bowl and whisk well. You need to keep on tasting it to make sure you have the right salt x sugar x spice x lime ratio. Pour over the salad, mix thoroughly but gently and crack open a Chang beer. If you mess this up you seriously have problems and should probably give up.

saucebeefcoriander and basilvegsaladbeefdone

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The Perils Of Walking Down Elm Grove.

Sour dough from Bread Addiction and kielbasa with gherkins from the Polish shop. Give me this over a Co-op any day of the week.

elm gove

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Lisbon, Portugal.

I love Europe. When you take time out to think about it, the amount of completely different cultures, languages and architecture nestled side by side is truly mind-blowing. And it is all so easily accessible on our doorstep (unless the Tories decide to make life harder…). So what better holiday destination than a week in Lisbon, Portugal? Being a Portsmouth boy I have always admired the Portuguese’s naval history; they trail blazed their way through the Americas, India and the Philippines amongst others. And you truly feel this sense of maritime history as you walk trough the streets of Lisbon; explorers such as Vasco Da Gama look down at you from every town square. There is also an undeniable Brazilian vibe in Lisbon, or does Brazil have a Portuguese vibe? I’m not sure. Either way the cacha├ža flows feely and cheaply, the steep cobbled streets are colourful and the music is always on. I can’t recommend Lisbon enough as a city break, it is inexpensive, vibrant, cultural and steeped in history. However don’t expect any kind of service with a smile, the Lisboans seem to have perfected the art of being impolite without being rude. Our social codes and conventions of hello’s, thank you’s and goodbyes are a world away. Are the Portuguese rude? I don’t think so, perhaps they stand less on the social pomp and ceremony that us Brits do. Either way it’s a top city, obrigado Lisboa!

PS: You must like fish or meat, if not don’t bother.

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Do You Realise?

How good were the Flaming Lips at Victorious 2015? Sheer joy, I challenge anyone not to crack a smile whilst watching them live.

The Flaming Lips

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Southsea Coffee Co Deli Sandwich.

Heavy hitter.

deli sandwich

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Tokyo Snack Time.

Thank you Misako! It was great seeing you again.


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DangerDogs, Southsea.

Hot on the heels of another up and coming Southsea mobile food business is DangerDogs. Large bacon wrapped franks with onions, peppers, cheese in a brioche bun. Like Rub A Tub Grub they guys are still getting up and running, but watch out for them soon. I had the pleasure of tasting not one but two of these bad boys; they should do pretty well on the festival circuit.

Give them a follow here.


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