Coriander, Albert Road.

I must admit that seeing the neon green sign go up a number of months ago didn’t exactly fill me with hope. The last incarnation “Monsoon” was pretty dreadful, and what is another curry house in the sea of establishments that is Albert Road? However, with time and testimonials, word got out that Coriander was worth a visit. Thankfully a friend chose this spot to enjoy a birthday meal and before I knew it I was browsing their menu online. BYOB? Jackpot. Dining out is a bit of a luxury these days, so any eatery that offers this sort of arrangement get’s my vote, keeps costs down drastically and there is no bill time moaning about whomever had that extra pint… Since I can remember it has been the Balti House across the road that held the coveted title of local BYOB curry house, thankfully this is no more and I am more than happy to welcome Coriander to the fold. So, what was the food like? Like many of it’s peers, Coriander bills itself as modern Indian cuisine and it that respect it certainly lived up to it’s name. My king prawn puri starter was excellent (despite the jazzy sauce display) and my tamarind duck was more than acceptable; satisfying sweet and sour notes (in an Indian fashion) but could of done with a bit more heat as I requested. Another minor gripe would be wanting to have my chunks of duck a tad larger, but with such good quality curry one is happy to overlook that. Coriander’s menu also pushes the fish dishes, which whilst I didn’t order one, does give me confidence in their dishes. Albert Road is a competitive place for curry houses, your Jaipurs and Aubergines have already established themselves as very popular options amongst the more discerning spice aficionados, however I believe Coriander will do well for itself and I shall certainly be offering them my custom when I need a decent meal out that doesn’t break the bank.

bhajisprawn puristamarind duck

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Easter Bank Holiday.

chips n curryClarence Pier

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Ale Watch – Dark Star Imperial Stout.

Quite possibly the finest Imperial Stout you could wish to drink, purchased from Bitter Virtue in Southampton. It will set you back a tidy £3.99 per bottle, however this 10.5% stout is worth every penny. So far I am yet to find one that matches it’s depth of flavour and smokey characteristics. 10/10.

darstar imperial stout

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My Dog Sighs.

Loving this new piece on the side of Chilli Tattoo on Albert Road. Another colourful addition to the cultural heart of our city.

my dog sighs

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And so it begins.

The meat counter in the Mediterranean Supermarket on Elm Grove should start seeing it’s profits rise again. My BBQ failsafe.


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The Leopold Tavern Annual Beer Festival Part 2.

Back again to catch the end of their in-house festival and straight onto Hopback’s Entire Stout (4.5%) which set the tone nicely. Normally I associate Hopback with summery pale ales, however top marks on the stout chaps. Next was Milk Street’s Funky Monkey (4.5%), light and fruity, pleasant enough but no real oompf. From that I carried on with Castle Rock’s Harvest Pale (3.8%), which to be fair was rather uninspiring. The real surprise came in the form of Bristol Port Cider (6%). Not too sweet yet not too bitter, everything a real cider should be. And that concludes my foray into the Leopold’s beer festival, unfortunately only scratching the surface, if only there were more hours in the day.

hopback stoutfunky monkeyharvest pale & bristol port

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Ale Watch – Goose Island Indian Pale Ale.

As introduced to me by my Chiswick based friend, this has been a real favourite of mine recently; slightly fruitier notes to it than the usual IPA. It has been giving my love for Brewdog’s Punk IPA a real run for it’s money, it also comes with a super friendly price of £1.79 a bottle in Waitrose on Marmion Road. Top stuff. 9/10

goose island IPA

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