The Southsea Beach Cafe’s Official Opening.

Yesterday evening I was fortunate enough to attend the Southsea Beach Cafe’s official opening bash. Having missed their soft opening due to a busy summer schedule, it was great being able to hang out and discover all the minor details that make up Southsea’s newest beach attraction. Located on the site of the old food huts opposite Canoe Lake, SBC is a stone’s throw away from the pier and right on the seafront. Clad in stylish wood decking, it has a minimalist organic surf shack vibe and boasts a frankly breathtaking view of the sea courtesy of their extensive deck. The next thing you notice is that SBC has been branded down to a tee. Local designer Tristan Savage took on the job of creating a specific identity for the bar / restaurant; from the iron gates through to the menus and logos. Small details incorporated into the staff’s uniforms adds to create a strong and unified look.

Aside from the fast flowing prosecco and beer was a truly awesome variety of canapes, snacks and desserts: each as delicious as the other. The menu prices were very fair considering the nature and location of the establishment, and if the tasters are anything to go by they have found an excellent head chef. Personally I am looking forward to visiting on an autumnal day, when the summer buzz has died down and SBC have properly found their groove. I believe a rainy evening’s dinner with the roof down, heaters on and a grey turbulent sea would be just as enjoyable as the blazing sun. SBC will no doubt do very well for itself, and during these times this is exactly what our seafront needs. Hopefully a restored pier and more investment of this nature will help regenerate an area of Southsea we should pride ourselves on.

You can follow SBC on Twitter or like them on FB.

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The Quinton / Zissou Union.

Deep in the Dorset countryside, half of Southsea convened at Stockbridge Farm Barn to celebrated the marriage of Rudy Zissou and Anna Quinton. It was an elegant, well thought out and tasteful affaire from start to finish. Well done guys, I wish you both all the happiness in the world. Enjoy Iceland!

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Steak Night.


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Bransbury Park Butcher’s Chilli Burgers.

Normally items labelled as ‘chilli” can be a little phoney. Especially when some fellow countrymen find sweet chilli sauce a bit hot. The Bransbury Park Butcher‘s chilli burgers, however, do not fall into this category. Good grief do they pack a punch. Excellent job guys.

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Bison Farm Goodies.

Having spent a weekend camping at a bison farm (I had no idea we had bison in the UK…), my good friend John was kind enough to treat me to a truly superb early birthday present. Bison meat. Looking forward to giving this a go, thank you sir.

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First Batch Of The Summer.

Not hand caught, but not bad…


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The Art Space Portsmouth Garden.

Whilst visiting the excellent open studio day at Art Space Portsmouth I found myself discovering it’s truly spectacular urban garden tucked down the side. Going under the name of The Home Reforestation Project, the aim of the venture is “working to help people revalue the place of seeds in their everyday consumption of food through the practice of saving seeds” and is run by artist Hannah Gardiner. I fully urge you all to take a trip down to Brougham Road and immerse yourself in this calm slice of paradise. Not only are the gardening tips free but you can also walk away with one of their many edible plants free of charge. Further information can be found on their FB page.


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