Hong Kong Tea Bar

Any Southsea scenester worth his salt will be in the know about Tea Bar. Situated at the top of Commercial Road, this is a place that has become somewhat of an institution. Not much to look at but the food speaks for itself. From what I understand it used to be an old fish and chips shop, and still pretty much looks the same; chair and tables combo screwed to the ground, white tiles with blue trimming and a metal counter. But for a super friendly price you will get a huge plate of quality oriental food. Washed down with some jasmine tea and you have the makings of a great meal. Some of the keener eyed of you will have seen the Bored tribute to this local establishment in the form of the tees, sweaters and bags that they put out. Proof that this tiny, busy little meeting point has a huge place in our hearts. If I am forced to take a trip to Commercial Road for whatever reason I always know that I can soften the blow by ending the trip with incorporating a “cheeky Tea Bar”…..

Be sure to check out the Szechuan Pork…

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3 Responses to Hong Kong Tea Bar

  1. S says:

    Love this place! I don’t go there enough! 🙂

  2. stan says:

    never heard of it before, will be sure to check it out next time im down commercial road

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