Tidy starter. Super cheap too.

Slice the baguette in nice pieces of bread and spread them out on a roasting pan.
Mix olive oil and lots of crushed garlic in a cup, and spread it on every slice of bread. Put the garlic-bread slices in the oven for about 5 minutes 200 C/ 392 F.
Meanwhile, mix drained, chopped tomatoes with salt, pepper and fresh, chopped basil. Slice the mozzarella in nice and thin slices. When the bread is getting crusty, take them out and spread the tomato-mix on each piece of bread and finish off with a slice of mozzarella. Put the bruschetta in the oven untill the cheese has melted.
This is perfect as an afternoon snack in the summer, or as an appetizer when you have guests. They go very well with a glass of rosé too……

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2 Responses to Bruschettas

  1. Alanna says:

    These look AMAZING! I’m super hungry now. x

  2. Lisa Gaston says:

    yum this looks better than my recipe thanks!

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