Don’t get me wrong, am a man who loves his vegetables, but there are several reasons why I could never go vegetarian. One is homemade BLTs, the other is rare steak. Normally a dish I have around payday, the steak celebrates everything that is good about life, if anything it signifies good living. Having it about once a month keeps it a special treat. For me there is nothing more opulent than bagging yourself the thickest steak in the shop, rump is always a winner. I either have mine with just a side salad or even some thin chips. Sauce wise I normally go for the peppercorn. But having said that they are all good. Rub the steak with some freshly cracked black pepper, rock salt and chuck on a pan hotter than the sun. 60 seconds on each side (do not move it). Serve on heated plate. With a large glass of red. And lashings of dijon mustard.

Silly vegetarians…

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3 Responses to Steak

  1. Gareth C says:

    Bang! Tidy steak there Charlie

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