The West Dean Chilli Fiesta 2011

Calling all chilli heads! This was one not to miss, held in the beautiful grounds of West Dean Garden was the yearly chilli festival. With over 150 stall holders selling anything chilli related this was truly a food festival after my own heart. The £8 entry fee may seem a bit steep but is worth every penny, the amount of food on offer is staggering and the atmosphere is great. Live music is dotted around the site with various acts keeping the crowd entertained. Also on offer was a vast array of chilli plants if, like me, you want to start growing your own. The plant creche was a nice touch, 50p for the organisers to look after your plant so that you can continue wandering around the stunning gardens, drinking beer and eating spicy food. Good times. Not a fan of spicy food? No worries, they also cater for the less adventurous amongst us. This is definitively one to put in your diaries, see you there next year.

Edit: Under no circumstances should you try Satan’s Shit…..that stuff will mess you up….

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4 Responses to The West Dean Chilli Fiesta 2011

  1. So gutted I missed this, went a couple of years back it was ace!
    Louise x

  2. allan Prasad says:

    I am so disappointed I missed this years event .Why didny the world remind me!

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