Cycling Saturdays

My homeslice Neil came down again from foggylondontown, so what better then to take a ride to Bosham? Excellent day out, extremely scenic and we also enjoyed a very quaint pub called The Anchor Bleu. My lamb and sun dried tomato burger was outstanding. Quick glass of cognac to revive our legs and then Lance Armstrong it back to Southsea! Perfect day really.

Edit: Before we set off I started marinating some pork belly in rice wine and soy sauce for a quick stir fry fix upon our return. Brilliant plan if I dare say so myself. Hoovered up.

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3 Responses to Cycling Saturdays

  1. Mashita Natsuko says:

    Nice group Rider! Have fun!

  2. Chombo says:

    Aaaah, you were marinating. That’s why you were late!!!

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