What I love about Southsea is that it still has the power to surprise me. If you get yourself to Viviers Fishmarket down The Camber today you can get a glimpse of this beast! An 84.5 pound Porbeagle shark! Ever since childhood I have been fascinated by creatures of the deep, so when Emily informed me of this I knew I had to take a peek. The lady at Viviers told me that it took five men to bring it onboard and that it was caught off the coast of Scotland. However I like to think that it held a murky lair under the pier…

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3 Responses to Jaws!

  1. Mashita Natsuko says:

    Wow~ It’s so Scary. I love the sea but I fear the Jaws very very much.

  2. Charlie says:

    I fear the Jaws very very much too Mashita!

  3. hatzu says:

    I suspect that the pier was probably where gran kept and trained it.

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