During office hours, a close circle of us communicate through work email, aka “the email loop”. Now the topics of conversation ranges anything between weekend plans, television, relationships, PFC, recipes / restaurants, current affairs, the good times and the bad times. It’s more than just lad banter, it is a very valid and important medium of communication which eases us through our respective working days. A couple of days ago we were getting nostalgic about our favourite crisps. Many names and brands were thrown up, including “Brannigans”, a brand that I loved whilst at uni in Nottingham, but unfortunately a packet that you don’t see that much anymore. That was until good friend and SFS contributor Gareth suddenly piped up saying that they might be available to buy in bulk at local wholesalers Bookers, and that he did in fact have a card and be willing to grab some. So before you know it, myself, and my friend Ian, were standing together on the pavement in Southsea, in the autumn night’s rain, waiting for Gareth to pull up in his car with the goods; a feeling that can only be described as some sort of seedy crisps transaction. And he didn’t let us down.

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3 Responses to Brannigans

  1. SMASH!!!!!! Enough Brannigans to keep you knee deep in crisp goodness for a few weeks (or for Jam, a few days)

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