Kofte prep

Popped into Waitrose on the way home for some last bits and bobs, and more importantly some lamb mince. Rocked up to the meat section and found small individual packs of lamb mince for £2.99! And I’m talking a tiny pathetic amount in each pack. There was no way I was going to pay at least £9-£12 for what is barely enough for the kebab starters. All of my gorgeous beef shin for the mains from Buckwells was £17. So I put my thinking cap on; I put the lamb back, kept my bike locked up outside Waitrose and hobbled to Akrams round the corner in my cycling gear. Straight to the meat counter at the back, bought 3 times the amount of mince for £5.40. Job done. The guy behind the counter was super sound too. I love that place. Waitrose isn’t bad but I wasn’t paying that. Tomorrow’s dinner is going to be epic…

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