Midweek meals

Cumberland sausages in a red wine, thick smoked bacon, red onions gravy. Resting on posh mash; creme fraiche, Dijon mustard, spring onions, milk, salted butter and seasoning.

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5 Responses to Midweek meals

  1. I’m sure this is probably really some but recipe???

  2. Mmm looks lovely! Is there a recipe for this, would love to make it?

    • Charlie says:

      Hey Frankie,

      There really isn’t much to it. Brown sausages in pan, remove, add sliced bacon and red onion, cook until golden, add red wine, tomato paste and beef stock cube, cook down until it doesn’t taste sharp, put sausages back in until done. As for the mash, peel spuds, dice, boiled, mash and add the rest. Make sure the seasoning is right in both! Enjoy.x

  3. Thanks Charlie,

    I’ll be making this, this week! Let’s hope it goes well!

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