First Common of the year

I know it is ridiculously early, but hey, it was sunny…

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3 Responses to First Common of the year

  1. Mashita Natsuko says:

    Picnic! Love it!

  2. Billy P. says:

    Hope you took your rubbish home! Both Saturday and Sunday morning (around 7am) you could have confused the common for a tip. Utter disgrace.

    • Charlie says:

      Hi Billy,

      As far as I’m concerned there simply is no excuse for leaving rubbish on the common, especially with the temporary yellow bins that are set up for that very purpose. But you are right, unfortunately people still seem to think that it is acceptable to trash the area of greenery they enjoy sitting in so much. I find it hard to believe that the litter bugs are actual residents of Southsea, who in their right mind would be so lazy and set such a bad example? My friends and I always make sure that not a trace is left behind, we are also believers in not scorching the common with our disposable barbecues, an easy solution involving two empty beer cans under said device. Some people could of benefitted from a decent upbringing…

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