Like mother like son

One thing that I always loved about the kitchens that I grew up in was mum’s decorations. Granted normally chilli oriented, but no matter if it was just a poster detailing all the different corns found around the world, electric chilli lights or any other cooking based curio; I loved them all. So it is to no great surprise that my kitchen is slowly turning into my mother’s. Anything slightly worldly, kitsch or informative is in. And who better to donate to the cause than the culinary oracle herself. Whole dried squids from Japan and a selection of dried chillies from god knows where. Thanks.x

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2 Responses to Like mother like son

  1. Mashita Natsuko says:

    The dried squids were just only your kitchen’s decoration. “Mottainai” clause baked squid is very good for beer. Especially they were ” Kensaki”.

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