Pie & Vinyl

Having kept an ear on the buzz surrounding the UK’s only pie & mash / record store, I thought it was high time to take a leisurely stroll down to Castle Road and sample the delights for myself. And what a place. The second I walked through the door, co-owners Steve and Rob welcomed me warmly and showed me through their unbelievably quaint and stylish establishment. Think Victorian pie & mash shop meets art gallery bistro with a vibe that Ian Parmiter could only approve of… Stunning. The food itself was top notch too, with suppliers such as our much loved Buckwells, Pieminster and Portsmouth’s own All About Tea. And with pies ranging from the Matador (free range British Beef steak, chorizo, olives, tomato, sherry and butter beans) to the Pietanic (MSC approved smoked haddock, salmon & pollock in a parsley sauce with cheddar crumb pastry) you know you are onto an absolute winner. A pie of your choice, served with creamy mash, a choice of gravy or liquor and minty mushy peas will set you back £6.50. Having a boutique like this in Southsea can only re-affirm what a good thing we have going on, get yourselves down there, buy some quality records, eat some pies and do believe the hype.

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10 Responses to Pie & Vinyl

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  2. Mashita Natsuko says:

    So cute & lovely place love it.

  3. Mary says:

    Can we have a veggie pie pretty please 🙂

    • Charlie says:

      Hey Mary,

      From what I was told their veggie pies are best sellers! You have The Heidi (goat’s cheese, sweet pots, red ionion & roasted garlic) or Widlshroom & Asparagus (wild mushrooms, asparagus, shallots, white wine & cracked black pepper). Sounds lush!

  4. Mycroft says:

    It has a already become a firm favourite in the Castle Road Casa Nostra. Fast becoming a staff canteen, and an excellent place to lurk….

  5. Ami says:

    uh oh… right on the door stop….
    *runs off to buy pie…. Mmmmmmmm

  6. It’s convenient enough that it’s quickly establishing itself as one of our favourite places for lunch during the week. Quick and easy, and it’s going to take ages to try every pie…… The guys are really friendly which makes such a difference.

  7. Charlie says:

    I had an excellent pot of your tea too Andrew, a popular choice from what I understand.

  8. Great Pies, great vinyl and great service. Waht more could you want.

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