Wide Aperture Media – Buckwells Of Southsea

The latest short film from the boys at Wide Aperture has landed, this time focusing on an angle close to my heart; local produce and tradition. Buckwells of Southsea is a much loved establishment still flying that flag for independent British butchers. I am already looking forward to my weekend jaunts down there when / if the summer arrives. Here is what W.A. had to say; “Buckwells of Southsea is currently celebrating it’s 25th anniversary and is a proper, old fashioned local butchers. Situated in Osbourne road, the shop is stocked full of quality, locally sourced produce. We had a chat John Buckwell, the owner of Buckwells, about his life long career in the meat industry“.

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2 Responses to Wide Aperture Media – Buckwells Of Southsea

  1. Absolutely love a good old fashioned butchers, can’t beat them! Always happy to support local produce. I will definitely give these guys a try. Beautiful video (And on a side note, the title shot, 27 seconds in, is my parents’ cottage on the middle right šŸ™‚ )

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