Massive Thank You.

Wow. Just shot through the 50,000 hit mark. Have to say thank you to everyone who visits on a regular basis. I often find myself thinking “Why the hell am I actually doing this?” and “Who really cares anyway?”. I think deep down it is purely just a love of cooking, good produce and coastal living. Sometimes simple factors like this are enough to drive you. Since starting SFS I have received an amazing amount of dinner offers, contact from future international Portsmouth University students across the world, had SFS used in a school project and even received an offer of employment. I am extremely grateful for all of this. If you have any suggestions on how to improve this slightly OCD, certainly amateur, labour of love, please let me know. All the best, Charlie.

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11 Responses to Massive Thank You.

  1. Felix says:

    Congratulations Charlie, Great Work 🙂

  2. Mashita Natsuko says:

    Congratulations! Try your best. From your fan club.

  3. oohlalapin says:

    Good work as always sir! A blog really is a labour of love x

  4. Lozz says:

    Well done, as oohlalapin says, a blog is indeed a labour of love, but a good blog is a work of art!
    It always keeps us amused and in touch with the Pompey food scene!

  5. Joanne says:

    I am one of the ones that often “pop” in to see your blog, it’s interesting, with great photos, good reviews and inspires me to cook! We found the Belle Isle from your blog and often go there before going out and about in Southsea. Keep up the great work, we love it!

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