The Boat Deck.

Yesterday evening we popped over to our friends Owain and Rosie’s new venture The Boat Deck on South Parade Pier to check out the hype, and we were not let down. What they have done with the old down trodden fish and chip bar is nothing short of spectacular. Imagine a stripped down, wood and tile gastro F&C warehouse style environment, with a super clean design that somehow compliments the kitsch values that come with the pier. Good food reviews will come from the love they put into their food, the long standing relationship they have with this iconic building and the extra touches they offer such as picnic blankets in order to enjoy your tucker with what makes this city great: a view of the sea. Last night The Boat Deck brought more people to this historic location than I care to remember, the interesting sounding owners of the pier should be grateful and stuffy food critics who sniff at the word “sustainable” need not apply. What we have here is another example of how this city is getting stronger and stronger in the food scene thanks to; grass roots business collaboration, a sprinkle of contemporary design (which Portsmouth is now famous for) and a hint of Southsea love. This is one prophecy which will not be self fulfilled. I wish Owain and Rosie all the best and cannot wait to bring friends from out of town here.

All profits of the evening went to the RNLI.

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4 Responses to The Boat Deck.

  1. Tristan says:

    Best review yet. Top notch. Can you flow over to SI. More people need to see this write up man.

  2. Bill @ CdP says:

    Charlie, I’m looking forward to trying them out…and reviewing as honestly and objectively as always. Will leave it for a while until things have settled. Cheers, Bill 🙂

    • Charlie says:

      Hi Bill,

      I hope you enjoy your trip down to the BD, a gargantuan effort in very difficult conditions has been made and they have come out trumps. All the best. C.

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