Film Snacks.

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5 Responses to Film Snacks.

  1. Susannah says:

    can I come over for tea one night 😉
    What is the recipe for the carrot salad? x

  2. Charlie says:

    Grated carrots, then fry cumin and mustard seeds in oil until they pop, then add with plenty of lemon juice and seasoning. Top bananas.

  3. Tom says:


    Love the blog, keeps me abreast of whats going on locally food wise. A quick question on the photo – where did you get the amazing looking flatbreads?



    • Charlie says:

      Hey Tom, thanks for the kind words. I get the flat breads from the Med Supermarket on Elm Grove, I think only about £0.70 for a bag of 5! They are excellent but do not keep, so to buy on the day!

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