In Rust We Trust.

Popped down to The Gold Room last night for the opening of the brand new exhibition In Rust We Trust, a three way effort by local artists My Dog Sighs, Los Dave and M-One. Absolutely amazing. By far the best exhibition yet, IRWT has taken The Gold Room to a whole new level, items were selling left, right and centre. Last night was another example of how our little seaside town is fast becoming a hotbed of design, art and creativity (including an ever improving food scene) that could rival any major city. Everything is going in the right direction.

Local artist and fellow Strong Island contributor, My Dog Sighs, is most certainly going places. Will be sure to hang onto my Can Man, could help my kids get to uni one day…

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3 Responses to In Rust We Trust.

  1. Los Dave says:

    People should be aware that this is in fact a three man show, and not a Mydog solo show.

    • Charlie says:

      My apologies! Will amend after work.

      • Charlie says:

        In fact, upon re-reading this, I never stated nor implied that this was a MyDog solo show. I only mentioned him at the end due to having the pleasure of dining with him on more than one occasion. I shall however amend the article to name check the two other artists involved. Apologies if offence was caused.

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