Southsea Food Social Breakfasts.

Whilst over the past year I may have discovered my sweet tooth (thank you lemon cheese cake), I have never naturally been one for sweet things. Especially come morning time. Personally I couldn’t think of anything worse than waking up and immediately shoving something sugary in your gob. Catch me with a bowl of cereals you will not. During weekdays, before I cycle to Astrium, toast / marmite / earl grey tea is my preferred combo. However, when the weekend lands, I like to treat myself to a later and more substantial petit dejeuner.
I have always love the Mexican inspired American savoury breakfasts such huevos rancheros, anything that has fried potatoes and eggs floats my boat like nothing else (even more so with a couple of shakes of spicy sauce). I also love a meal that can be done out of leftovers or veg that is languishing at the bottom of your fridge. With that said, I present to you Sunday breakfast…

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One Response to Southsea Food Social Breakfasts.

  1. Southsea Sister says:

    it scares me how similar our breakfast tastes are. Cereal wants to make me vomit – huevos rancheros with avocado and chilli on the other hand…..fruity cheesecake is also a recent interest.

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