The Times They Are A Changing.

As one chapter ends, another exciting one begins. The time has come for SFS to change locations. Originally coming to you from my cosy little man flat on Outram Road, SFS is now relocating it’s HQ to the bright lights of Boulton Road. Conditions aligned themselves, and this young man finally took the plunge and has bought himself a house. Exciting times ahead, even more so with the promise of a garden and a shed. The latter excited me beyond words, can a shed be transformed into a smoke house??? So during this transitional phase please accept my apologies if there are a lack of posts, I have a feeling that most of my free time will be spent in B&Q or making colossal DIY gaffs…

a new dawn

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3 Responses to The Times They Are A Changing.

  1. Jo says:

    Congratulations on spending the rest of your days pondering wallpapers, paint and colour schemes….enjoy x

  2. Mashita says:

    Congratulations on your Independence living pls. show some photo of your new place if you have a time.

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