Aspex Gallery Summer Menu.

This Saturday seems the grand launch of Aspex Gallery’s summer menu. Not content with being Portsmouth’s number one art space, an overhaul in the cafe means that they will now be firing broadsides at your palate with contemporary foodie treats such as toasted pastrami sandwiches, smoked mackerel / beetroot salads and mezze platters. All of the above can be washed down with real ales, or organic ciders, at the recession busting price of £2.80 per bottle. I was lucky enough to taste a sneak preview of the wares during the David Blandy exhibition (a real must see for any fellow coin-op arcade geeks), and was certainly not disappointed. This is what new cafe manager Julia DeKlerk has to say:

“I’m excited about the new menu. We are aiming to produce fresh & seasonal food whilst supporting makers of local produce where we can. There are lots of great suppliers of excellent food & drink in Hampshire and I hope the new menus and seasonal specials reflect our love for this”

Further menu details here.

menupastrami bitespork saladBransbury park pork pieshoneydewwyld woodales

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