The Burrito Man LTD.

Hey Charlie, you checked out that burrito truck that’s popped up on Goldsmith Avenue?”

And upon those words the hunt was on. I’ve been a fan of Mexican food since as far as I care to remember. The chilli, the colours, the freshness and the zingyness (that is a word). I’ve been to Mexico and California, so whether it is authentic or Tex Mex makes no matter to me. I’m in every time. So a couple of days ago we hopped on our treaders and embarked on a trip in search for dinner. The Burrito Man LTD is a pretty unassuming food truck run by Jody from Brooklyn. Having been in Portsmouth on and off for 15 years due to his wife, he obviously spotted a gap in the market and here is the result: an all american food outlet selling burritos, chilli dogs, taco salads and many more Mexican / American choices. The choice of chilli sauces alone sold it for me.

Goldsmith Avenue isn’t exactly the prettiest of places, but go give Jody a visit, grab a couple of beers from the Tesco’s next door and head down to Milton Park and enjoy your dinner like we did. Top evening. Check out his website here.

chilli saucesmenutruckchicken burrito

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2 Responses to The Burrito Man LTD.

  1. Dave C says:

    Really good post Charlie … great to see more ‘prose’ especially as you have a talent for it .. SO .. more words please Dave Charente France

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