Southsea Thai Food & Craft Festival 2013.

An event that seems to grow in size with each year, and quite rightly so. The food seemed to be more varied, with many stands serving up some of the tougher Thai dishes, my crab papaya salad was outstanding. Not sure if I was supposed to eat the crabs or not… Looking forward to next year.

papaya saladcrabspork skewersmeatscrab and papaya saladbeef padanggreen curryfruit sculpturesseasoningschillisbottlessawces

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4 Responses to Southsea Thai Food & Craft Festival 2013.

  1. Dave C says:

    Looks like a top class event … interesting even if not a fan of Thai food …. good way to learn ! And, if you are a fan then what a great opportunity to indulge and make some new discoveries … nice pics as well

  2. Had a great time here, and yes, it was very busy….still managed to eat too much though!!

  3. Eat Mega says:

    Can’t beat the traditional thai food and music at this festival, look forward to going again next year :O)

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