Jerk Chicken.

A tried and tested Guardian recipe for tomorrow’s BBQ. Spices from Akrams and everything else form the Med Supermarket (6 thighs and drumsticks including trimming for £5.80!). I love using the ziplocked freezer bags for marinating duties, keeps the marinade close to the meat and take up next to no room in the fridge. Will leave these for 24 hours.

allspice / pepperthymespring onionsscotch bonnetblenderblendedchickenmixedbagged

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2 Responses to Jerk Chicken.

  1. HCT says:

    Yes Please !

  2. Dave C says:

    Looks great ! On my agenda for next week’s bbq. Totally agree on use of bags for marinating.. much better coverage and less space. I use Lakeland boil-in-bag bags .. food safe and can be vac sealed and then frozen .. well if you’re lazy like me and want to do a batch at a time 🙂

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