Victorious Festival 2013

Like the rest of Portsmouth, this weekend I found myself in the historic dockyards for Victorious Festival; Portsmouth first proper two day shin dig. Holding such an event in the dockyard was stroke of genius; not only does it provide the perfect festival infrastructure, it also treats us to the historic backdrop of HMS Warrior, a key piece to this city’s identity. Many buildings normally out of bounds to civilians were opened up to hold silent discos and more importantly an ale festival. The £15 ticket for the event was worth it alone for the ale fest, not to mention that it included free entry to all dockyard attractions. With it’s first “proper” outing, Victorious Festival was not free of minor teething problem (personally; lack of bins and seating areas, no re-admittion policy), however I’m confident these issues will be ironed out on future incarnations to become Portsmouth best annual event. Great work all round. Let’s raise a glass to progress.

warriorbored standale festale festale festP1120592spicy growlerfalafelTEED

Whilst soaking up the atmosphere I was cornered by the event’s film crew, so here is yours truly trying to answer some questions correctly…

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4 Responses to Victorious Festival 2013

  1. Mashita says:

    Cool Charlie! Nice interview!

  2. Dave C says:

    Really good post/pics .. and the bonus of a video too ! Sums up the atmosphere of the event £15 is a bargain. Last time I lived in Southsea the only thing to do at the Dockyard was HMS Victory and Navy Days … how things have changed (for the better).

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