Golden Bowl.

Fawcett Road is a funny old one, a kinda grizzly road, lined with sightly rough round the edges independent traders. Put it this way, you would go there for a second hand cooker rather than a sit down meal. But things are changing, a multicultural vibe is slowly being created, with the excellent value Restaurant Sarah leading the way. So when local cats start saying things like; Golden Bowl on Fawcett Road is as good as Hong Kong Tea Bar, you know it’s worth paying them a visit. Much like HKTB, GB was full with Chinese students (always a decent sign) with a specials menu to cater for the more adventurous of us (tripe anyone?). There are only about four tables in front of house, so get in there quick, failing that it will have to be takeaway. Overall a pretty good meal, although what the Chinese students were tucking into seemed a bit better than our meal, having said that I’m quite known for menu envy. I need to start mustering up the courage to ask them what they are eating. Tea Bar still edges it though…

menubean curd black bean saucebeef black bean saucefried chilli salt squid

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3 Responses to Golden Bowl.

  1. Lozz says:

    Glad to see you’ve caught up :0) Chinese colleague of my wives told us about the GB ages ago. Sorry for not sharing!

  2. Lozz says:

    doh wife’s natch…

  3. Molly DW says:

    Golden Bowl was one of my favourite places to eat when I lived in Southsea. Don’t be scared to ask for a translation of the alternative menu – our Chinese housemate always ordered for us and it was so good! Glad you’ve finally discovered it.

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