Hong Kong Tea Bar Roast Duck.

Eases the pain of having to venture into Commercial Road. A truly God forsaken place.

HKTB duck

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2 Responses to Hong Kong Tea Bar Roast Duck.

  1. Dave C says:

    What a brilliant looking plate ! As for Commercial rd … what have you got against mixing with pond life ? Actually it’s not quite so bad around 0700 on a sunday , preferably a feb 30th…. Hk tea bar is now on my must dos along with pie and vinyl on my next visit.

  2. Charlie says:

    Yeah for sure check both out, don’t be fooled by HKTB though, doesn’t look like much and is in a pretty grotty location, but just look at what the hordes of chinese students are eating. From what I understand it used to be a fish and chips shop, apart from the menu it hasn’t changed much. I love it. P&V is a must too. I recommend the Matador pie.

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