A truly magical four days away. I had been before, but as a Heineken swilling lout with a rowdy male entourage and a student hostel. I don’t miss those days… No, this trip was all about good food, good drink, museums and relaxation in a comfy, spacious flat. At the backbone of our food schedule was The Guardian’s top ten budget places to eat. We managed to hit four of them, De Zotte was a particular highlight, perhaps one of the best steaks to of passed these lips. Not to mention the beer list, absolute nirvana. So whilst the prices were “budget”, the quality of our meals were anything but. Amsterdam is a pretty cheap city in general, so your cash can go a long way providing you don’t fall into any tourist traps near the main square. Beautiful flats and chilled vibes, thank you Amsterdam we shall be back, but this time to rent bicycles.

Edit: People who claim Dutch cheese to be boring; you are WRONG.

cheesemint teaclub sandwichalesalesalesalesalesalesstoutalesglassestemplepeking soupmeattemplealecarolusamsteldam squareshipbuilding museumde praelde praelcycle jerseyde praelde praelstreet arttree

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  1. Looks like an awesome selection of booze!!

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