Christmas Work Do.

Once again we plumped for the Kitsch’n d’Or, and why wouldn’t we? Three superb courses for under £25. I’ve said it so many times but this place is such good value for money, proper food with correct prices. And with the house red being extremely pleasant, the wallet is never hit badly. My steak with foie gras was cooked to absolute perfection, but the unexpected highlight of the meal was the grapefuit and gin sorbet. Words cannot describe how enjoyable and refreshing that dessert was. A perfect meal. 10/10.

Edit: The terrine could of done with a touch more seasoning, but not worth deducting a mark over.

terrinesteakrarecheesegin and grapefruit sorbet

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2 Responses to Christmas Work Do.

  1. Lozz says:

    Have you seen Carol Godsmark’s review this week. One would think you’d been to different restaurants.
    We still haven’t been but based on your review we’ll give it a go soon!

    • Charlie says:

      Hey Lozz, I can’t say that I read Mrs Godsmark’s reviews, nor do I give that tawdry rag The News much time of the day. But definitively go check it out for yourself and let me know how it goes.

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