Yo! Sushi, Gunwharf.

If you know me, you know what my views on Gunwharf are. I’m simply not fan, not my bag in the slightest. However that doesn’t mean that I don’t catch the odd film there. So we decided that we should have a pre-Hobbit lunch at Yo! Sushi. I have been to one before, many moons ago in Brighton, and I recall being given a weird look when I requested some raw squid (Ika sushi). So I know what the deal is; it’s sushi for people that don’t really like sushi. Sushi Lite. MTV sushi. Anyway, I digress. The meal itself was pleasant enough to be fair, however some of the raw fish slices were a bit mean and the rice was a bit crumbly. Having said that, they did do a rather mean teriyaki aubergine dish. Not a patch on Sakura if you ask me; in price, quality and vibes. But we all knew this…

spinnakersalmon sushituna sushisalmon sushi / sashimiyaki sobabean saladauberginekirin

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