Boxing Day.

For a very long time now I have been a Boxing Day man. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that Christmas is unpleasant, but the time honoured turkey meal can get a bit boring, year in year out. On the flip side Boxing Day is when you truly have a hunger, and any sort of Christmas Day pressure has evaporated. Personally as long as I have my hot mash, cold cuts and Branston Pickle then my yuletide season is complete. Even more so with a portion of my gran’s scandie pickled cucumber slices. Pure heaven. The jerked ham went down such a treat that this could become a yearly fixture. In fact it seemed perhaps a bit more popular than my uncle’s leg of ham… quietly chuffed about that… Being with my uncles we had the some special beers cracked open; Gouden Carolus Christmas. A pure joy to drink, quite thick and treacly, with heavy hints of liquorice. If you have never sampled one before I strongly urge you too. Carefull though, it is over 10%.

mandarinesblinisjerk hamuncle's hambrawnpickled cucumberboxing day glorygouden carolus christmasale

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2 Responses to Boxing Day.

  1. MissSJP says:

    Yeah…I’m gonna need the recipe for that pate. #foodgasm

    • Charlie says:

      That is in fact my uncle’s brawn, or “head cheese” if you will. Boiled pig’s head and trotters, stripped of meat and set in it’s own gelatine. Pretty medieval huh?…

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