Truffles, Castle Road.

Unfortunately the previous incarnations of Truffles shut down before I was ever able to pay them a visit, however I do understand that it used to be quite an avant-guard restaurant back in the day. So when I noticed that it had reopened, a trip was certainly on the cards. The new sun-bleached coastal decor works very well, the front of house was very attentive and their Nyetimber sparkling white is delicious. But I have to be honest here… the food, whilst beautifully presented, was a bit of an expensive let down. My tiger prawns starter were no larger than your average Mediterranean prawns. The lovely looking sauce it came out in was also woefully under-seasoned and dare I say a bit bland. As for my pork belly, it was nice but just “nice”. Without wanting to sound too snobby; I thought the Brewhouse & Kitchen pork belly was much more enjoyable at a rather more reasonable price. There was also the issue of the semi open kitchen, clothes straight into the laundry basket at home scenario… I’m a big fan of Castle Road, always have been. I like the charm and quaintness it oozes. So naturally I want to see the eateries and shops that line the road be successful. But if Truffles wants to remain afloat on the road, then some minor adjustments will need to be made to their back of house and pricing.

I always feel very conflicted when I write something like this, because I don’t consider myself as a food critic, nor do I align myself with the type of people who are. I’m not someone who enjoys trash talking someone else’s business and hard work. I just want to see our local eateries (and our city in general) do well. So I’m not saying don’t check Truffles out for yourself, this is still early days for them, and no doubt there are some teething problems which will get resolved. What I am saying is that you could, perhaps, get better for slightly cheaper elsewhere.

menuwest sussex sparkling whiteprawnspork belly

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2 Responses to Truffles, Castle Road.

  1. Dave C says:

    The original Truffles was far and away our favourite Portsmouth restaurant back in the 80’s when we last lived in Southsea – quality French food and service and more than a soupcon of Gallic charm. It looks as though this incarnation will need to focus on the basics before they will get the long term success they’ll need
    From your review I would say that for such a limited menu – in itself not a bad thing at all – the cooking should be near perfect whilst the pricing should represent a value proposition to the customer . So, looking at the menu here , yes perhaps too much in such a competitive market – Confit de canard at £14.95 ??? Magret perhaps but not confit. I cannot remember if the old Truffles was expensive or not as I never had reason to question the value – simply a happy customer!
    I really hope these are just teething issues which can be readily resolved as it would be great to see another thriving restaurant in that part of Southsea and especially for the old Truffles building to return to a semblance of it’s former self. I wish them well.

  2. Didn’t realise you’d been dude, interesting review. I’m looking forward to you dressing down The Bridge Tavern on here following the pics on Twitter……

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