Pea And Lardons Soup.

I am completely brassic, barely a penny to my name. Long old month is January, however I do enjoy a financial challenge, especially if it means cooking savvy. Large portions divided and frozen is the order of the day. Having kept the clove infused stock from poaching the Christmas ham, the next recipe was a bit of a no brainer. Pea and ham soup is one of my all time favourites, but having finished all the ham on boxing day I decided to use ye olde faithful lardons. Is there anything they can’t be turned to?

Ham stock (A measuring jug’s worth)
1 x Bag of frozen peas
1 x White onion
1 x Potato
2 x Packs of smoked lardons
2 x Bay leaves

Fry the lardons in a large pot, remove with slotted spoon. Add sliced onion into same pot, fry until golden. Add sliced spuds, a whole packet of frozen pea and the ham stock. Place the lid on and simmer until soft. Using a hand held blender, blend until smooth. Return the lardons to the pot, add the bay leaves and give it another 30 minutes on the lowest heat for the flavours to really mingle. Season to taste (plenty of freshly cracked pepper) and add a cheeky splash of Habanero Tabasco to see off any winter blues.


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