Harriet’s 27th.

A perfect day celebrating H’s 27th. A brisk bike ride, followed by our first trip to Scoops on Elm Grove. Wow, what a place. The inner child in you can’t help but get carried away by what they serve; waffles, sundaes, shakes and ice cream aplenty. A pretty amazing neon place; deceptively spacious with decent prices (take note Garage Lounge, with your £3 scoop of mundane ice cream). It was packed, in January. I’m predicting it to do pretty well, although I can hear a collective groan from parents of school children. Scoops appears to be the new 4pm hangout joint, which could result in many ruined dinners. Am glad that it is in Elm Grove too, that road could do with a little bit of love. From Scoops we ventured down to The Mary Rose Museum (a must do if you haven’t already) with a Brewhouse & Kitchen dinner to round the day off. Their Monday deal of £10 for two pints and mussels to share is such great value, not the best moules I have ever had (slightly over done and could of done with more juice), but again, at the price you can’t complain. Happy birthday poppet.

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