Ikea Dark Lager Beer.

I’m pretty sure that in a past life I used to be a Scandie. For a long time now I have been un-naturally fond of anything higher than Denmark. What they eat, the way they live, their sense of style and their remote forests and fjords. So when a trip to Ikea the slightly less nordic city of Southampton is on the cards, the food area is where I enjoy spending most of my cash. Anything that involves fish eggs or pickled items and I’m there. So it was with great pleasure that H surprised me with a couple of bottles of Ikea dark lager beer. I had no idea they produced such a drink. And you know what, it ain’t half that bad. It’s not exactly a thick and luxurious porter, but at 4.7% it still has enough character: slight creamy smokiness and mild caramel aroma to surprise the palate. And at £1.50 a bottle it is well worth grabbing couple.


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3 Responses to Ikea Dark Lager Beer.

  1. Lozz says:

    I am still peed off with PCC that we never got IKEA at Tipner. Such a lost opportunity.

  2. Dave C says:

    Self assembly ?

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