Thailand Cafe & Takeaway.

The newest addition to the various Thai restaurants around Southsea, although think more Lin’s rather than Koh Thai, Thailand Cafe & Takeaway can be found more or less opposite the small Tesco on Albert Road. So on a whim and various recommendations we decided to check it out. The first thing that you notice when you walk in is the smell of the deep fat fryers, this seems to be common amongst Thai cafes, a smell that will nestle itself into every stitch of your clothing. Straight into the laundry basket was you get in. That aside the menu was thankfully small, with plenty of choices that I didn’t recognise but was happy to ask about. Whilst my spring rolls were a bit of a let down (why are they never homemade?) my duck course was perfectly nice. Noodles and rice have to be ordered separately, but aren’t always required. Thailand Cafe also operates a BYOB policy, making it for a cheap and cheerful meal out, by the time we left every table was either booked or in use. The guy who runs of front of house was also very accommodating and thoughftull, so kudos to him. I think I need to return and go through more of their menu before I decided if i’m a fan or not. Worth checking out though.

duck spring rollsred curryducknoodles

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