Spin Up In A Brewery.

What better way to spend a Bank Holiday then embarking on a 54 mile cycle ride through the beautiful East Sussex countryside? With the promise of beer and BBQ spurring us on, five hardy riders set out from Bike U Like on Albert Road to Dark Star brewery’s yearly event Spin Up In A Brewery. A fairly simple concept; cycle to their premises on Star Road Trading Estate (14 miles north of Brighton) for a day’s worth of ales, BBQ, live music and a general celebration of velo culture. If you are a bit of a bike geek like myself this is a must do event. The drink and food prices were all very competitive; £3 for a pint of your choice and most of the seriously good BBQ items working out at £5 (courtesy of British barbecue champion Andy Annat), with a mouth watering half price reduction towards the end! Dark Star also have an onsite shop if you want to purchase some of their more exotic / serious beers at some great prices. The £13 price of our ticket included a seat on a coach with space for your bike back to Brighton station. Top thinking. All in all a great day with a ton of freebies, no doubt we’ll be back for more.

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