Al’Burrito, Albert Road.

56 Albert Road is a building I know well. Many moons ago I served people their coffee there under the Cafe Citrus banner. I could tell you many stories about the nature of the place and it’s interesting ex owner, however that will be left for another time and a slightly less public forum. After Cafe Citrus was run to the ground, up popped Bar 56, and more interestingly Southsea’s new Mexican joint: Al’Burrito.

First and foremost, I’m a massive fan of Mexican cuisine: the heat, the freshness and the colours all work for me. I could happily eat it 24/7 (and did during a tour of California). So naturally news that a new venture was in the process of being created piqued my curiosity no end. Nestled in the rear of Bar 56, Al’Burrito is a pretty straight forward concept: fresh Mexican food served up in a shack style environment. And it works. Not only are the prices competitive but the burritos themselves are gorgeous; all the ingredients clearly defined within rather than just a soggy filling, with great chilli and lime kicks.

The three of us ordered the £7 burrito (veggie / chicken / pulled pork) & beer (Desperado) deal which unlocked a portion of free chilli nachos with homemade salsa and guacamole. Easily the best in town. A real nice touch was when, upon failing to remember that we had a veggie amongst us, they rustled up a portion of meat free nachos for no extra cost. A lovely gesture that formed part of their friendly service. The built by hand seating adjacent to the burrito bar is sparse but ties in perfectly with the travelling vibe of the place, my only tiny bit of constructive criticism would be that the guac needed more seasoning. Apart from that Al’Burrito is a fun, fresh, casual and forward thinking: I heartily recommend a visit.

You can also follow them on their FB and Twitter.

muralDesperadonachoschicken burritologo

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6 Responses to Al’Burrito, Albert Road.

  1. Sandy says:

    Sounds interesting – so often Mexican food in local restaurants have been disappointing but maybe this is a winner. Must try!
    Ps. I used to work with the ‘interesting ex owner’ back in the day 😉

  2. Charlie says:

    I agree Sandie! You did? Ha. Perhaps one to discuss over a glass of rose…

  3. mrthompson says:

    “A pint on salsa to go…………”

  4. Glen T says:

    I live above al’burrito so i practically live off burritos and they are very delicious…you said above that you knew the previous owner ?….just wondering if you know how i can go about finding the names of previous landladies/landlords….the reason i ask is the place is haunted and loads of weird stuff keeps happening…i reckon its the ghost of a previous landlady so would be interesting to find out her name, cheers 🙂

  5. j steed says:

    yes it is haunted , that is why i left

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