Seeing Out My Twenties.

What with the kitchen being done and my 30th the next day, what better excuse to leave the house for a couple of pints and a Thai food fix? In the need of something casual, inexpensive and tasty we set our sights firmly on a the Thailand Cafe & Takeaway on Albert Road. Much like our first visit it is definitively a meal of two halves. Where the main dishes are excellent it makes the starters look like they have been added as an after thought; my fishcakes were pretty rubbery and the spring rolls are straight out of a box. But don’t let that out you off. My Jungle Curry was outstanding and Harriet’s pad thai ( which let’s face it, are always a bit of a gamble) are the best in town. Not only that but they seem to have controlled the over-powering smell from the deep fat fryers, for now. Alongside our £5 bottle of Sainsbury’s white we managed to dine out for £20. Can’t say much fairer than that.

fisch cakesjungle currypad thaibill

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