Yesterday I turned thirty. An age that I feel remarkably comfortable with. My twenties were a truly excellent period of getting to know myself, but I believe this is now where it all begins. I roll into my thirties as a content chap, who is fortunate enough to be surrounded by admirable people, and who wants of very little. Cheers all.

German breakfastClarence PierPirate golfScore keepertokensCumberland HouseCheese plantcuttle fishlie downPimmsgoat cheese and pear croissanthalloumi chorizo saladbirthday beer selectionplateLydia30

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7 Responses to 30.

  1. A belated Happy Birthday Charlie, keep blogging, I love the snapshots of your life ! I’ve just turned 60 and ,believe it or not, I feel exactly the same about my life !!

  2. Dave C says:

    An even more belated Happy Birthday Charlie … You can invite me to your 60th – mind you that’ll be the year of my 90th so just pencil me into the guest list ……
    Love the posts … Always upbeat and interesting. Cheers !

  3. Mashita says:

    An even more 5 days belated to say Happy Birthday Charlie…go to see your nice 30 from your 20 experience.

  4. Tidy beer selection there mate.

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