Ale Watch – Timothy Taylor’s Landlord.

Does this popular beer even need an Ale Watch? Landlord is a beer for all occasions, you simply can’t go wrong. I remember many years ago my new landlord leaving a couple of bottles in my fridge for when I moved in, thought it was a really cool touch. Would like to do that too one day. 8/10.

Timothy Taylor Landlord

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3 Responses to Ale Watch – Timothy Taylor’s Landlord.

  1. Dave C says:

    An absolute classic Charlie .. Strangely (and sadly) not sold in LeClerc, Auchan, Intermarche ….

    • Charlie says:

      Ah yes, be that as it may, however a supermarch√© that sells Duvel and a Westmalle for tuppence ha’penny isn’t too bad either. Swings and roundabouts mon brave…

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