Takeaway Pints.

A fantastic idea courtesy of my local The Lawrence Arms, ideal when on your way to family drinks and you don’t fancy any of the usual suspects that the convenience stores peddle. A nice Dark Star American Pale Ale to compliment sardines from the fish market. Bliss.


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4 Responses to Takeaway Pints.

  1. Dave C says:

    Good move by the Lawrence … Used to be my local in the mid 80′ s when I lived about 80 metres away in Lawrence road .. Then it had a separate, small ‘lounge’ bar with about 4 tables for the posh folk and a landlord by the name of ‘Pony’. I think I remember whitbread had 2 and 4 pint takeaway cartons in the mid 70’s . Good to see a good idea making a comeback. Nice pilchards btw !

  2. Charlie says:

    You are right Dave, these are pilchards and not sardines (take note dad). The pilchard have gone through somewhat of a rebranding exercise in the UK as of late. Places like Waitrose sell pilchards as “cornish sardines”. NIce but not quite the beautifully coloured scavengers we enjoy catching.

  3. Dadknowsbest says:

    Pilchards and sardines are the same fish, Latin name- Sardina Pilchardus. Cornish sardines was a brand name started by M&S a few years back to sell larger sardines which traditionally have been sold as pilchards, typically tinned and not considered fashionable. Usually fish under 15 cm are referred to as sardines but no fixed rule exists. In summary you are both correct as these delicious Clupeidae were of varying length although Viviers sells them all as sardines.

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