No6 Cinema X Feed Ltd.

A good number of months ago, Matt from a freshly rebranded Feed Ltd kindly got in touch asking if I fancied dropping by to sample their new gourmet burgers. However due to a crazy busy summer, finding the right time proved tricky. That was until the better half suggested that we spend our Friday night by watching Predator at the truly excellent No6 Cinema, and since we were in that part of town why not drop by for a late dinner at Feed Ltd? Sold.

I had in fact stopped by Feed for a bacon baguette many many years ago whilst on my way to cycle the Isle Of Wight. It always seemed to me like a stylish independent cafe, which made it slightly at odds with it’s corporate neighbour Gunwharf. The Hard is a funny old place; it mixes old, new and the downright neglected. However you can’t help but feel that the area is on the change. Feed Ltd seems to fit in nicely with these juxtapositions. Located under the train track arches, the insides are bare brick, industrial metal stools and wooden tables. The rumble of the trains above add to this feeling of an urban food joint. But what about the burgers? One word: outstanding. I was raised in France, so for me a rare burger (or a steak haché) is what it is all about, and this is how Feed Ltd deliver them: the patty is still nicely pink in the middle, the condiments liberal, the pickles and other crunch are in full effect. I would go as far as saying that it was just as good, if not better, than my burger at the hallowed London joint Meat Liquor. Not to mention half the price. With the main we had fries with celery salt and chilli, washed down with a Budweiser. For dessert two boozy vanilla ice cream based milkshake with dark rum. The bill: a very respectable £34.

My conclusion; burger bars are very much de rigueur, and I know some people have started to turn their nose up at “dude food”, but the all new and improved Feed Ltd rocks. The service was super friendly and we came away feeling beyond satisfied. I will certainly be back, no doubt after another film at No6 Cinema, to work my way through their menu. Part of me couldn’t help but think how good the arches in Old Portsmouth could be if they became interesting niche food outlets. Especially with the tourism that BAR will bring to that area.

Hey guys, what about adding deep fried pickles to the menu?


Catch Feed Ltd on their FB here.

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3 Responses to No6 Cinema X Feed Ltd.

  1. I ‘second’ everything you’ve said about this place ! We popped in while waiting for a friend in the Dockyard and love it’s reincarnation….. must try the boozy milk shakes next time, your’s look amazing !

  2. Dave C says:

    Great write up Charlie …I always thought these arches were about the size of a garage where you could fit in , well, a tattoo studio or summit like that . What an amazing place and superb approach to challenge the usually ubiquitous ‘burger joint’ package of American themed and cheaply sourced. Love the pics as well. You’ve added another ‘must do’ venue to my next visit back next month … How many calories is this one ?

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