Leftover Fish Cakes.

My love of potatoes runs deep, so anything like toad in the hole, colcannon or fish cakes gets a massive thumbs up. These dishes also appeal to me because they re-use scraps of previous meals, which never fails to serve up a healthy sense of satisfaction. So after a pretty straight forward dinner of salmon, salad and spuds (in which I accidentally on purposes made too much of everything) I decided to whip together some super simple fishcakes. No real recipe here, I just used whatever I had leftover and in the fridge. However the Swedish Kalles Kaviar (grab one on each trip to Ikea) is a bit of a secret weapon. Originally I wasn’t going to publish this, but my old man enjoyed them so much that it kind of swung it. You can cook these from frozen.

Flaked salmon
Flaked smoked mackerel
Buttery new potatoes
Dijon mustard
Horseradish sauce
Encona hot pepper sauce
Kalles Caviar
Salt & pepper

Using a mixing bowl, flake the salmon and smoked mackerel. Add condiments and mix by hand. Add potatoes and crush with masher. Season as you go whilst tasting. Finish the last of the mixing by. Shape into patties, and either fry immediately or wrap in cling film and freeze. When frying make sure that the pan is pretty hot so that you get that crispness. Not a huge amount of oil is needed. Serving recommendations: a dressed green salad and large glass of chilled white.


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One Response to Leftover Fish Cakes.

  1. These fishcakes btw are just totally awesome !

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