I must admit that I didn’t know a huge amount before going to Budapest. I knew that a holiday was due, I knew that I enjoyed Eastern European cities that hold cultural and historical significance. I also knew that I had friends and family there. The writing was on the wall and flights were booked. My musically gifted friend Tom has lived in Budapest (or Budapescht if we are going to get local about it) for the past year with his girlfriend Karin. His daily email updates of hearty food, cheap drink and vibrant night life had me in a state of constant intrigue. A two and a bit hour flight from Gatwick later and we were there. As I took my first steps into the unknown the first thing that hit me almost instantly was the size of the city, in both height and length. The beautiful four storey buildings that line each street are blackened with the soot of time and simply ooze history. The feeling of what happened during turbulent occupational times is palpable. Heck I could start a photoblog of the city’s ornate doorways alone. I seriously recommend a visit to Budapest, it is an edgy city that mixes the old with the new with a sense of style and creativity. Imagine a slightly more rough and ready Paris, but more creative and bohemian with whiffs of communism. Derelict buildings become perfect places for pop up bars and restaurants The food is great, the beer cheap and the bars endless. Massive thanks to Tom for being such a great guide, we shall certainly be back.

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2 Responses to Budapest.

  1. Top city. Fortunate to have been over new Year for the crazy fireworks and -15 air in the thermal baths and in the summer when it was +35 and EVERYTHING moved outside. Good stuff.

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