Brighton Bound.

Another truly excellent excursion to our trendier coastal cousin Brighton, this time as a belated birthday outing for H. The iconic vegetarian restaurant Terre A Terre had been booked for lunch, and whilst being a devout meat eater, I knew I had a special culinary experience in store. As expected, it certainly did not disappoint. We opted for a sharing tapas dish that came with a carafe of house wine; pretty much zero of it had anything to do with Spain, but that did not matter in the slightest. The range of world flavours, textures and sheer imagination was brilliant; each individual piece was savoured to the last. I knew vegetarian food could be good, but this was next level dining. Go visit if you can.

With business out of the way, the day was cleared for ironic pier fun, ice cream and waffles, and a visit to an impressive grog shop. Thanks again Laura and George, already looking forward to our next adventure.

grafterre a terre tapasseafrontcoinsice creamboozegamma ray

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