La Faim Des Haricots, Toulouse.

I am a dedicated meat eater. Always have been and always will be. During my childhood in the suburbs of Paris I would take my pocket money (if dad decided to give it to us) and run down to the local shop to buy a wedge of saucisson sec to snack on. It runs deep in me. However having a vegetarian girlfriend forces you to think outside the meaty box, which can be tough, especially if on placement in France. So with H over for a week, I decided to do my homework and find a decent veggie establishment. Cue La Faim Des Haricot.

The first thing that struck me was that there is no actual menu to look at, in lieu of this are tiered meal deals. This is due to the fact that LFDH revolves around the concept of self service hot / cold vegetarian food; from starters through to desserts. But don’t get it twisted, this isn’t a glorified salad bar, each options have been carefully considered and pack serious flavours. We went for the starters / mains / dessert combo, which allowed you to help yourself to as much as you wanted on all options. The food is great, the service super friendly and the place was packed. That night the meat eater in me missed nothing. So veggie or not, if in town go check it out and enjoy a slightly different dining experience.

platewinetartsveggiedessertsice cream

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