Le Point d’Ogre, Toulouse.

I enjoy restaurants with little choice; it fills me with a sense of confidence. Even better when there is no choice to certain parts of your meal. “This is what you are having and you will like it because this is what we specialise in“. I like nothing more than surrendering myself to a restaurant and putting my full faith in the chefs.

Which brings us to this next gem Toulousaine: Le Point d’Ogre. Created in 1994 and nestled amongst the bohemian streets of the Carme area, Le Point d’Ogre brings you back to the basics. First of all you have no choice in your starter. Instead you are presented with a wonderfull basket containing fresh market vegetables, a variety of cured sausages (saucisson sec, a chorizo-esque offering and a boudin noire), smoked duck, the cold soup of the day (in this case a beetroot gaspatcho) and a trio of condiments; opinion jam, aoli and my favourite, tapenade. All fait maison bien sur.

As we roll onto the main course it becomes abundantly clear; like many good restaurants here, being vegetarian is simply not an option. You can choose from five meat options from la carte or check out the specials board. Which I can assure you will contain meat. Once you have written your mains order on the table’s chalk board, you are ready to roll; my magret de canard has been the best thus far. Cooked on an open fire in the corner of the restaurant and simply seasoned with some sea salt. Outstanding. Sides have to be ordered separately and will come in the from of either parmesan poulenta, garlic mash or a sucrose salad. That is it. Would you want / need anything other than those options? Probably not.

Le Point d’Ogre is a must do if you are ever in the city. You will be warmly welcomed and well taken care of. It is certainly a little dearer than most restaurants but 100% worth the rustic dining experience you will be in for.

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