The Indian Food Hut, Southsea Seafront.

Shingle beaches, naff fun and the smell of vinegary chips wafting in the air; welcome to the great British seaside. However the great British public can now enjoy a fourth wall, the Indian Food Hut. Brought to my attention a little while ago from fellow food blogger Cuisine De Pompey, and since ratified by the elder sister Naomi, the Indian Food Hut is no doubt a kiosk we have all walks past without giving it much thought. But with summer fast approaching, and footfall along the promenade increasing, my thoughts have turned towards enjoying a spicy snack whilst looking wistfully out to sea during a last minute weekend home (yes, hi!).

Unlike it’s trendy neighbour, the Southsea Beach Cafe, the Indian Food Hut is more of a humble drink and snack shed in line with what has always been on that side of the pier. Kiosks selling chips, fizzy drinks and anything that can be fried and / or covered in sugar. Which makes the thought of an alternative to this all the more appealing. So, is it any good? To be honest the samosas were a bit of a let down, especially when I saw them take them out of the freezer. I remember back in the day Akrams on Palmerston Road used to sell homemade samosas which were divine, an experience that I am clearly still chasing. However the pakoras and onions bhajis saved the day; both at least appeared to be homemade and hit the spot. And that is pretty much all I can comment on for now, a second visit is in order to be able to explore more of the menu. What I can say however is the the Indian Food Hut is a great and inexpensive option to the traditional promenade snacks and I will find it hard not to walk past without coming away with a least a couple of their delicious pakoras and dip.

Edit; mind the bastard seagulls if you are eating al fresco on the beach.

menufood hutbhaji / pekorassamosabhajipecora

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One Response to The Indian Food Hut, Southsea Seafront.

  1. James O'Grady says:

    Thank you for your post – I’ve moved recently to Southsea so always useful to know where to find a decent snack on the front- I’m also intrigued to know why are there so many Asian family’s that picnic on the common or near canoe lake – is this a tradition are they visiting from out of the city or do they live here- whatever it’s good to see families enjoying the open spaces and their colourful dress and lively banter and affection for each other ( elders and children interacting) is refreshing and nice to see- reminds me of how families used to be!

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