Today Was A Fish Day.

I decided that today’s post will be an ode to the sea and it’s wonderful bounty. As such, here are three super basic ways to create mains or starters that will wow your guests, with some relatively basic seafoods. All of these can be cooked on the hob at home.

Is there anything better than the humble sardines grilled on the BBQ? Nope. However BBQing isn’t always possible, so here is a quick pan based recipe that works every time. Gut sardines if required (my mini french ones can be eaten whole), roll in a mixture of flour, salt and pepper. Shallow fry in pan for a couple of minutes until golden crispy. Add lemon, parsley and sea salt to flavour.



Heat on the hob and deep baking dish containing olive oil and sliced garlic. Add the gambas (shells and all) before the garlic browns and drizzle liberally in lemon juice. Cook until the gambas are nicely pink with a slight grilled effect to the shells. Add lemon, parsley and sea salt to flavour. It is imperative that you use crusty bread to mop up the divine juices that are created at the bottom of the pan.



Same concept as the sardines. Gut the squid (your fish monger can also do this if you are unsure), open wide the upper body and score with a sharp knife, making neat criss crosses. Then slice into 2cm wide strips. Place your squid in a bowl and cover with milk and leave in the fridge for anything between 30 minutes and 8 hours. This will tenderise it.

Once out, drain and roll in a mixture of flour, salt and plenty of pepper. Find a relatively deep pot, fill half way with vegetable oil and slowly heat (be careful with those chip pans people…). Drop a small crumb of bread into the oil to check it’s temperature, ideally it will sink and then come back up fizzing. Next proceed to add the squid in batches with tongs so that it doesn’t overcrowd the pan and end up boiling itself. Continues until each batch has a crispy and golden exterior. Add lemon, parsley and sea salt to flavour.

You can also quickly knock up a garlic mayo, using, well, garlic / mayo / olive oil.





garlic mayo

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